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How it all happened

Embark on an epic adventure with Merlin and Florian as they journey through Iceland, home to the Vikings, where fire meets ice! They brave rough weather conditions, snowstorms, and freezing temperatures.

The Concept | An organic, unscripted and relatable experience

The trip through Iceland was filmed over nine days. Merlin and Florian set out in their campervan to capture the contrasting elements that make Iceland a phenomenal place to travel. 

Through real interactions with locals and access to restricted areas, the content reflects the real challenges faced and the incredible beauty of this unique country.

The Campaign

The campaign was edited into six episodes and a vlog for social media platforms and YouTube channels. 

Each episode spotlights a different experience in Iceland, from snow skiing to whale watching to witnessing an erupting volcano, their story unfolds as the ultimate tale of survival on a journey of a lifetime.

The content features a blend of cinematic and behind the scenes/vlog elements, complete with full grading and sound effects.

The Results

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